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Trees can be great for the overall ambiance and appeal of your property, but they do come with certain risks. Over the years, as wear and tear occurs, sections of your trees, or even the entire tree, can become hazardous. Cabling and bracing can be an effective way to balance out these factors. Cabling and bracing are designed to provide support for your tree, and completely reduce the risks they can present in certain situations. This way, you aren’t forced to remove any trees that you don’t want to, but also don’t have to worry about the risk of anything going wrong.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Over the years, as the outdoor elements and conditions take their toll, it is possible for certain trees on your property to develop structural problems. This could be confined to certain sections of your tree or be a problem with the entire tree itself. Either way, there is serious risk attached. However, you don’t need to go removing any trees that might pose certain risks. Cabling and bracing are the methods you can employ give your trees, or parts of it, the necessary support that’s required, which one is required depends on the situation or the problem you are faced with.


The first step in our process is a full assessment of the problematic tree. It’s important to have a thorough inspection done before anything else, as this is important for determining the type and extent of the problem, and what solution will be required. Our team knows just what to look for, as it’s not always immediately obvious if a tree is a hazard or not. With our team taking care of the inspection, you can be sure that any problems or irregularities will be identified. The next step is the solution.

All the Solutions You Need

Once we’ve assessed your trees, and determined whether or not there’s a problem, the next step will be solution focused. Trees come in all shapes and sizes, and can face a range of different issues that can cause structural problems. As a result, there’s no one fits all solution. Instead, we judge each situation on its merits and provide a tailored solution, whether it’s cabling, bracing or any combination of the two. Our expertise when it comes to trees means we can always recommend and provide the unique solution that’s required to deal with the problem that your trees are faced with.

Reduce Risks and Hazards

Cabling or bracing is the most effective way to severely reduce and minimize the risks that trees on your property can present. Without the right support, certain trees could be a hazard, and at risk of partial or even full collapse. This could not only cause serious inconvenience, but could easily result in either damage or injury around your home or property. Cabling and bracing can provide your trees with the support they need, and reduce the chances of anything going wrong.

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